SLIP server (linux) SLIP client (winsock) help please

SLIP server (linux) SLIP client (winsock) help please

Post by Bob Sanfo » Tue, 22 Mar 1994 21:28:06

I am trying to set up a slip server on my linux box that would allow me to
connect from my house via Winsock TCPman (windows).  I have read all the
FAQ's, how-to's, etc.  
I was able to ping, telnet, ftp the linux box but could not see any machine
past it.  If anyone has successfully done this, I would appreciate any help
that you could give.  A step by step guide would really be nice!   I am
running pl14 with CSLIP disabled when I made config.

Thanks in advance!

Bob Sanford                          |    

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1. SLIP client/server, please help

Hi all,

I'm trying to configure my machine as a SLIP client. I've tried

1) DIP, unsuccessful. Somehow the DIAL command never gets executed
2) SEYON, dial successfully to the SLIP server, but that's all. Ie, I can use the seyon
terminal emulator to work with the remote machine, but cannot get it and my machine to
talk to each other (so cannot run Netscape, etc)

I'm reading the PPP-howto and wonder if I should follow all the intructions there,
recompiling the kernel from scratch, etc. I'm new to Linux, and not even sure whether I've
compiled SLIP/PPP into my kernel, although I did choose the network option when
installing Linux.  However recompiling the kernel is very daunting for me, as I don't know
how to answer a lot of questions. Is there any way to find out whether I've got SLIP/PPP
compiled into my kernel (or as a loadable module) already ? If it's already there, what do I
lack to make my machine talk to the rest of the world ?

I've got kernel 1.2.13, slackware distribution. I've also set up the /etc/hosts, /etc/gateways,
/etc/rc.d/rc.inet1, /etc/rc.d/rc.inet2, /etc/resolv.conf... for my machine particulars.

Many thanks for any help.

Best regards,
Thuy-Linh Nguyen, School of Aerospace & Mech Eng
University of NSW, ADFA, Canberra, Australia

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