network problems

network problems

Post by H. Pehl, I112C, 16 » Sat, 29 Jan 1994 04:53:48

Hi !

I have a serious problem with the installation of LINUX on our PC's.
My ethernet card is a WD80?3. I'm using it together with an adaptec SCSI controller. During boot everything seems to be detected properly. I'm running 0.99pl14 downloaded from mid january. My interface configuration and route setup is :

epc070:/# ifconfig
          FLAGS: 0x0049 ( UP LOOPBACK RUNNING )

          FLAGS: 0x0043 ( UP BROADCAST RUNNING )

epc070:/# route
Kernel routing table
Destination net/address   Gateway address           Flags RefCnt    Use Iface
default                   router                    UGN        0     21 eth0
localhost                 *                         UH         0     12 lo
network                   *                         UH         0   2141 eth0

when I try to connect to an other machine nothing happens. No errors are reported:

epc070:/# telnet ecc114

I'v looked on our sparcstations for the configuration. The only difference is the broadcast adress, which is

Has anyone an idea ?

Thanks in advance !

Hermann 8-)

Hermann J. Pehl


1. Network problems with 3c595 on 100T network (detailed)

        I have a networking problem which I have not managed to solve after
reading the relevant HOTWO files. Any help will be appreciated.

  Intel Pentium Pro with 3Com 595 100Tx card connected to 100T network.

  The machine has WIN/NT installed and manages to access the network.

  - I have installed Slackware 3.1 (from InfoMagic CDROM)
  - run "netconfig" with appropriate parameters (double checked)


  - Kernel recognizes right device
  - No error messages at boot time

  - ifconfig shows the device setup, but shows 0 on all TX and RX counts,
    including errors counts.
  - same for /proc/net/dev

  - routing table seems ok (as far as I understand these things)

Yet, I can't run a single network application.

ping to my gateway just hang. When I press ^c, it reports "NN packets sent, 100% packet loss".

I tried to ping the machine from another machine, and again no

The interesting thing is that "ifconfig" keeps insisting that nothing was sent
 nor transmitted.

The only thing that I can think of is that the device parameters are not set
right. In particular "ifconfig" reports:

eth0  Link encap: 10MBps Ethernet ...

when the net should 100MBps.

Can this be the problem? If so, how do I set the right mode for the device?



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