Funai CD-ROM Drive

Funai CD-ROM Drive

Post by do » Tue, 14 Mar 1995 06:59:45

A friend of mine bought a 486 package-deal which included a
double-speed CDROM drive and SB16 sound card.  I *think* the drive is
manufactured by Funai.  The adapter is supposed to be a SB16; it has what
its manual calls "MultiCD" connectors which can be used to connect
either Panasonic, Sony, or Mitsumi drives.  Oddly, the manual identfies
the card only as a "16-bit Audio Card."

These are the lines used to load the sound and CDROM drivers from
config.sys under dos:


This is the banner that shows when the dos CDROM driver loads at

FUNAI     (R) CD-E2420 Device Driver. Version 1.25e
Copyright (C) FUNAI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. All Rights Reserved. 1994.
Drive Check      : OK
Disc Speed       : x2
Device Name      : MSCD001
I/O Base Address : 230h

The problem, of course, is that linux doesn't see the CDROM drive.  I'm
using the mitsumi driver, tried in several different kernel versions with
the base address and irq set to 0x230 and 5, respectively, which is how
the dos driver is configured.

Sorry I can't be more specific about the make/model numbers of this drive
and the adapter, but the manuals that came with the system don't even
have the name of a company on them!  Seems very strange.

Any info (email) on how to get linux to see this drive would be
appreciated.  Thx.



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