NFS exporting exports

NFS exporting exports

Post by Matthew Gei » Tue, 05 Oct 1993 10:25:53

 The Linux nfs server seems to have this 'feature' where, any mount points
further down the tree from the exported file system are also exported.
 Some consider this a desirable feature.
 My problem is that I have linux files on my Unix workstation, available
via NFS. The Linux disks are available on the workstation via NFS.

 Linux NFS server quite happly re-exports the NFS mounts, meaning that
you can get the situation where 2 NFS requests are being generated
to access a file !. ( ie Tek Workstation -> Linux -> Tek )...
 This wasnt a problem untill I tried to use the Tape drive on the workstation
to back the Linux root disk via NFS. 'tar' quite happly followed the branches
on the tree, including all the NFS mounts, and proceeded to backup most of
my Tek workstation via Linux's NFS...

 Is there a switch to stop Linux's NFS server from exporting NFS imported
volumes ?.

Matthew Geier,


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this is a weird problem: I have a small network featuring 3 computers:

the subdomain for each computer is:

name     function
system        IP-address

server                                                             SuSE
5.3    IP:
workstation                                                    SuSE
5.3    IP:
C          IBM Thinkpad with 3com PCMCIA card     SuSE 6.3    IP:

A exports some directories as follows

/mnt/armnet1 * (rw)
/mnt/armnet2 * (rw)

B exports some  directories as follows

/home/anubis * (rw)
/home/sheos * (rw)

C exports one directory as follows:

/home/thies * (rw)

/etc/hosts is setup correctly on all machines,
portmap AND rpc.nfsd AND rpc.mountd are started at boot-time. Every
machine can be pinged or fingered or telneted etc. by name OR IP - no
difference! The network seems to be working fine.

The problems:

1) A exports corretly to B (and vice versa), but A refuses to export to
C - it does not matter if I use the subdomain "shortcut" or enter a long
list of IP-addresses in /etc/exports (on maschine A) - it just says
"Blocked attempt of C to mount...".

2) B exports correctly to A and C. (no problem here :))

3) C exports to A and B (no error reported), but the directories seem to
be empty! (all UIDs are equally set for all users on all machines).

What am I doing wrong? showmount -e <HOST> and rpcinfo -p <HOST> give
correct answers / equal answers. I am totally clueless. Why does A
export to B but refuses to export to C? Why does C export to A and B,
but the directories are empty (however, a mount on A or B shows correct
entries for the exported directory on C)?

It would be great if someone could give me a hint!



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