Boot problems with rebuild kernal

Boot problems with rebuild kernal

Post by Eric L. Rein » Mon, 03 Jan 1994 02:05:08

I just build a new kernal to add ftape support.  Since
making/installing the
new kernal, when Linux boots is always needs to do the fsck check and
finds problems.  There are no errors reported duruing shutdown. If I
restore the "old" kernal, there are no problems.  Any ideas???
I am running 0.99.13 on a PS/1 486, DX2.  I have the "slackware"

Eric Reiner  


1. Kernal rebuild problem

I have attempted to re-build my kernel to add floppy tape support, and
can't successfully boot the new kernel.

I am rebuilding 0.99.14 by cd'ing to /usr/src and running :

        make config (and answering the appropriate questions)
        make dep; make clean

and then cp'ing zImage to /vmlinuz (saving the old kernel first !). The
kernel sort-of boots, however none of my fs's are mounted, and it appears
that /etc/rc.local does not execute (and since I have /usr on a separate
filesystem, nothing works !). After a bunch of errors about /usr/* not
found, I get a login prompt, but cannot login, as I am told that I have
to exec from the lowest level shell (although this might be because some
stuff in /usr is missing).

Renaming the old kernel brings the system back to normal. I called the guy
who gave me the Slackware distribution, and after rebuilding the kernel
his rc.local does not execute either (although I believe he said that his
fs's are mounted (I am using EXT2, although I am not sure what fstype he
is using).

I am a newbie to Linux, and have attempted to grep through the FAQ's. Does
this problem sound familiar to anyone ? I can post more details, however
since both my friend and I have weird problems after re-building the
kernel, I am wondering if there is something obvious that we are both



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