Linux Diskless system (via NFS)

Linux Diskless system (via NFS)

Post by Robert We » Thu, 28 Apr 1994 17:56:50

Has anyone every got a Linux to act as a
diskless Unix box via bootp??

I am currently running 0.99.15 can this version
mount a remote disk at boot time on \, before the
kernel exec's off init? Thus, the Linux box will
not need any H/Disk or Floppy Disk present.

The bootp stuff from the server machine seems to
work & configures the Linux box. The problem I have
is getting the Linux kernel to mount a remote disk
on \ before any access to the file system is made.

Thanks in advance,
Rob Weir

p.s. Does anyone know how "wine" is comming along, &
     is it worth getting. If so, where from?


1. Accessing a CD-ROM drive via Linux NFS in a diskless machine - help needed

Hello folks,

I am muthuvelu from Madras - India. I am a Unix affectionade and using \
flavours of unix. I am using slakware distribution of linux.

I have a different requirement and if anybody could help me, i will be
very much thankfull to them.

Here is my requirement.Very offen i need to transfer a large amount of data
from one machine to other machine. ie I will be getting MB's of data in a
Recorded-CD(CD-R) and i needed to transfer it via network to few servers for
processing.most of the time i will be using a machine without harddisk but
with IDE-CDROM and 1.44 MB FDD. since we have involved in multimedia projects
we have CD-ROM installed in quite few machines and it will be remotely booted.

Now the thing is i wanted the CD-ROMs in any of the machine has to be accessed
via NFS, so that i can transfer the contents of CD-ROM. Though i have different
methods i think this will solve many of my headaches. I visioned the scenorio
like this. ie

I should boot the machine in linux with NFS support via 1.44 FDD and the CD-ROM
has to be mounted in NFS.What i will do is i will mount this CD-ROM thro my
network and transfer the entire CD content via NFS.

So What i require is a kernel and a root file system with NFS support.
How do i make this. What procedure i have to can i configure.
Pls remember i don't have harddisk in any of the machines.

So if any body who has come-across similar situation or anyone who can

very much thankfull to them

I don't have frequent access to news-groups, so pls reply me in e-mail

Looking forward to receive the valuable soultion

With Regards,


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