Mitsumi CD won't boot any more

Mitsumi CD won't boot any more

Post by Greg Skinn » Mon, 27 Mar 1995 13:37:41

System configuration: Pentium P90 (Accel, configured at 20/20
Computers in Westwood, Los Angeles, CA), 2 hard drives, WD7000 scsi
controller,  Mitsumi CDROM model CRMC-FX0012D2

OS: Linux 1.1.47 (Yggdrasil)

Problem:  When first purchased, Linux booted properly, the CDROM was
fully accessible, I was able to mount it and run programs from it,
etc.  However, I could not access files on the CDROM when running DOS.
(I could, however, play audio CDs.)  The CDROM appeared as the E:
drive but no files could be read from it.

I took the system back to 20/20 and told them about the problem.  They
eventually discovered that a system configuration had been changed
(not by me) that caused the CDROM to be inaccessible under DOS.  (I
suspect the change that was made allowed the CDROM to be accessible
under Linux in the first place.)  Anyway, they made another system
configuration change that caused the CDROM to appear as the F: drive.
Now I can access the CDROM fine from DOS, but when I try to boot Linux
I get the following messages:

ll_sw_block: trying to read nonexistent block dev 1700 (32)
isofs_read_super bread failed, dev 0x1700 iso_blknum 16
mount: wrong fs type, /dev/mitsumi_cd already mounted, /system_cd
busy, or other error

I suspect that I have to give LILO a new address (and possibly a new
IRQ) but I can't figure out which one to give.  I have tried several
combinations of mcd={0x300,0x320,0x340,0x350},{10,11} and the device
is not found.  It seems (according to DOS boot messages) that the IRQ
for the CDROM is 10.

Any assistance would be appreciated.  In general, I'd like to know if
I need to make another system configuration change, what jumpers, etc.
need to be set.  If problems such as these are fixed in a later
release, I'd like to know that also.



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