Driver for external hard disk?

Driver for external hard disk?

Post by Hanno Wagn » Mon, 30 Jan 1995 02:36:09

I am working with Linux 1.1.59 and I have an external hard drive, using
an IDE-Controller inside the Computer. The drive is plugged via the
parallel port to the computer. For DOS I have a driver to use
the drive. Has someone a driver for a hard disk like this?
It is a hard disk called 'disklite-1' from varix-101.
Thx for help,
Ciao, Hanno

Hanno Wagner, Student der  Fachhochschule Hannover, Fachbereich IK

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1. External Disk VS External Disk Enclosure

I am interested in a portable solution for transporting data.
I have done some research but did not conclude to which is better.

I like the enclosures better because i have some 80gb and 20gb drives
which i can use. I don't need 120GB or 250GB that the drives come.

I have read many posts that say all the enclosures use a ide<->firewire
and ide<->usb 2.0 bridge and that there is no native usb/firewire drive.
Some posts mentioned that the Oxford 911 chipset is not good with ATAPI
optical drives (cannot do UDMA) but i don't care since i am not thinking
about carrying my DVD+RW drive, but all who used hard disk drives
recommended the Oxford 911 chipset.
(For example i give the Kingwin KH-350-UF-S )

The external disks i have seen are

I couldn't find anywhere if they are native usb/firewire or they use a
bridge. I guess they use a bridge.

What do you think is better ?
Also, i am worried if an aluminum enclosure can dissipate the heat
by itself without a fan, or should i get the 5.25" drive which
has a fan also.

Thank you for your time.

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