Linux & Adaptec2940

Linux & Adaptec2940

Post by Chih-Jen Cha » Mon, 26 Sep 1994 03:22:09

Do some heroes on internet develop
Adaptec 2940 PCI SCSI driver for linux?
I am waiting for it so badly!

1. adaptec2940 & 3c905 w/new kernel

I am trying to upgrade my kernel so that I can get my new
network card (3com 3c905) working. I found a kernel
(same version 1.2.13) that has support for this card, but it
does not support my scsi controller (adaptec 2940 PCI). The new
kernel doesn't boot, but I can still load the old kernel. What
is the best way to get this to work? Somehow I need to load the
3c905 driver into my existing kernel or load the scsi controller
driver into the new kernel. Any help is greatly appreciated, but
since I'm new to linux, detailed help would be even better! Here
is some info about my current setup...
pc: gateway2000 p5-90, 48mb RAM
red hat 3.0.3 "picasso"
kernel 1.2.13
scsi controller: adaptec 2940 (pci)
cdrom: mitsumi ide/atapi
NIC: 3com 3c905-tx ("boomerang"?)


Tom Spors

phone: 206/553-7817

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