Questions about sudo and new disk drives

Questions about sudo and new disk drives

Post by thirdw.. » Tue, 21 Mar 1995 20:55:37

Mar 20, 1995

I have several questions about things I just can't get to work
   1) visudo - How do you terminate it?  I've tried
       :w! and ZZ but tono available.  If I put it in the
       background I cancel it but then have problems with the
       file being locked.

   2) What is the exact syntax of sudo?  I have experimented
      with the shutdown command and can't seem to be able to
      do it  no matter what I do unless I login as root

   3) We add a second drive, ran fdisk and mkfs - but can't
      seem to mount it.  We get the message already mounted.
      Where is it mounted and how do we access?  Do we need
      to build a sym link to a mount point?  as well as ad the
      device to fstab?

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