Wanted: 3D-CAD with CSG modelling environment

Wanted: 3D-CAD with CSG modelling environment

Post by Guenther Beike » Wed, 17 Aug 1994 20:03:23

Maybe I am asking for too much, but one never knows...

Is there a 3-D CAD system that supports CSG modelling
available for Linux, eventually in the commercial domain ?

Is there anyone who has experience with this system ?

Or does anyone have a pointer to an archive with pointers
to PD and commercial Linux software and with descriptions
of the software ?

Thank you in advance

Guenther Beikert


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Does anyone know of a generic 3d CAD modeler for Linux?  I have both
Sced and Xaero and both have oddities that make them hard to use.  I
would like something that can output DXF files and perhaps POV-Ray and
Radiance.  I have also gotten BRL-CAD and liked some of the tools but
it took up way too much space.  Any ideas?

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