Post by Gerd Haeglsperg » Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:39:41

I tried to test DVR for my videos but I get the following error when I
try to do a make on dvr-2.7.9-3.
Is here someone, who can help me?
QCodecConfigImpl.cpp: In method `void
QCodecConfigImpl.cpp:117: no matching function for call to
`GetCodecAttr (CodecInfo &, const char *, const char **)'
/usr/include/avifile/creators.h:42: candidates are: int
Creators::GetCodecAttr(const CodecInfo &, const char *, int &)
/usr/include/avifile/creators.h:44: int Creators::GetCodecAttr(const
CodecInfo &, const char *, char *, int)
make: *** [QCodecConfigImpl.o] Fehler 1
Thanks in advance,

1. Problem Updating RH5.0 to kernel-2.0.32-3 w/pcmcia-cs-2.9.12-3


Following the instructions for updating the RH5.0 kernel on my laptop
from kernel-2.0.31-7 to kernel-2.0.32-3 w/pcmcia-cs-2.9.12-3, the
instructions say to "rpm -i" the kernel RPMs.  They also say to do
the same with the "pcmcia-cs" RPM.

But when I try the "rpm -i" with the pcmcia-cs RPM, rpm issues
several "conflicts with" messages and refuses to load the new RPM.

I am now stopped dead in my tracks with my long-weekend marathon
upgrade.  (Haven't modified /etc/lilo.conf nor tried to reboot yet.)

What should I do at this point?  I suspect I should probably do the
pcmcia RPM with -U instead, but what if I want to boot the old
kernel again?

(Please reply via email as well as posting, as connections to the
news server I use for the Linux groups is quite slow and I'm not
confident that it always gets everything in a timely manner.)

Jim Seymour

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