Root passwd change and sudo

Root passwd change and sudo

Post by Jeffrey T Eato » Sat, 11 Feb 1995 01:12:30

I recently changed my root password, and everything works fine (logging
in on console, su root) except for sudo (the command that lets you
execute one command at root).  Sudo will only accept the OLD root
password.  If I use the new root password, it fails with:

Sorry, try again.

Any ideas?


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1. Changing nis+ root passwd

Hi there,

I want to change the root password for nis+ master servers, replicas, and

Here are the steps that I will do, but I am not sure if I missing something:

1 - on each nis+ server, replica, and client:

        a - # /bin/passwd root

        b - # chkey -p
            Updating nisplus publickey database.

   *        Please enter the Secure-RPC password for root: "old password"
            Please enter the login password for root: "new password"

            * Does the "old root password" go here ??.

        c - # keylogin -r
            Password: "new password"
            Wrote secret key into /etc/.rootkey

I want to make sure that these steps are 100% right before I implement
them. (I do not want to mess the nis+ domains).

I will appreciate your feedback.

Thank you.

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