Network problem: SIOCADDT: Network is unreachable

Network problem: SIOCADDT: Network is unreachable

Post by Chris Thomps » Fri, 27 Aug 1993 10:07:24

I have set up two machines on the same network on the same wire, the first
machine has no troble geting to the network.  The second machine gives the
error SIOCADDT: Network is unreachable twice.  The are few differences
between the machines except that the one with the errors has two ethernet
cards in it.  The one card is an intel etherexpress16 and the other is an
smc elite plus 16.  The first machine also uses the same type of smc card.  
I installed two cards in the second machine because linux does not support
the intel card.  If anybody has any idea please e-mail me at


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I am having a problem getting my linux computer networked with my other
computers on my small network. While my other computers can ping each
other through tcp/ip, the linux box cannot ping the ip addresses of the
other computers, nor can they ping the linux box.

    2 PCs running Win98
    1 PC running Redhat Linux 6.1
    Linux PC using LINKSYS EtherPCI LAN
    1 LINKSYS 5 port Hub
    file: conf.modules reads "alias eth0 ne2k-pci" (setup by Redhat
software upon discovering new hardware)

1. Linux PC can ping itself, and it appears that the network card my be
setup properly (no error messages on loading).
2. When the Linux PC attempts to ping the other computers, it reports
that the network is unreachable.
3. The other computers can ping each other, but not the Linux PC.

1. How can I confirm that the Linux PC network setup is working from the
Linux box?
2. Should any computer that is setup for tcp/ip on the hub be able to
ping the other?
3. What is a good simple setup for IP addresses, DNS, etc.,  for a local

Thanks, in advance.


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