Problems installing packages in Slackware 7

Problems installing packages in Slackware 7

Post by Drini » Tue, 02 Apr 2002 12:38:46

I am running a somewhat customized UMSDOS distro, originally ZipSlack
from Slackware 7.0 or 7.1. This was a streamlined distro to begin
with, and did not include a few things I wanted, like Apache. So, I
downloaded the package from Slackware and tried to install it by going
through the setup utility to the 'install packages' area. The install
begins fine, but every time it eventually outputs this error message:

??????????? Error installing package /root/apache.tgz ????????????
     3 An error has occured while installing this package.  Setup    
     3 will attempt to continue anyway, but this is possibly a        
     3 SERIOUS ERROR that may cause you problems later on.  It is    
     3 recommended that you make sure the package is not corrupted    
     3 and then reinstall.  If you obtained the package via FTP, be  
     3 sure to use 'binary' mode for both the transfer and download  
     3 of the package.                                                
     3 Here is the actual error message (if any):                    
     3 tar: .: Could not change access and modification times:
      ntar: .: Cannot change mode to 0755: Operation not permitted    
     3 tar: .: Cannot chown to uid 0 gid 0: Operation not permitted  
     3 tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors                  
     3                            <  OK  >                            

I have similar problems with any other package, and seemingly related
problems when I try to go and use gcc to compile any of this stuff
myself. Trying to fix it, I removed the 'tar' package from my system
and tried to reinstall it. Strangely enough, it seems that tar is
still part of my system, and I continue to have problems. I am still a
relative newbie in Linux, but this is the second Slackware system (the
first runs Linux native) I have managed to put together. Thanks for
your help.


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hey all,
    recently installed slackware for the first time, and un into problems
trying to install some packages. I had an rpm of lsof, and decidedd to
install it, i am told i required (or something similar) to be able
to run lsof - yet installing open office found libc, and installed fine. I
trried to install the most recent libc to see if i could get any results - i
am then told to install libc i require /bin/sh, and /usr/bin/perl - well
both these applications are installed, and exactly where they should be. I
am at a dead end

thanks in advance for any suggestions


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