Trouble getting up :-)!

Trouble getting up :-)!

Post by Ike Brenn » Sun, 30 Oct 1994 03:13:27

        I've installed slackware on a couple of systems without
        hitch. A friend on mine is now trying to do the same on
        his DX4 100. His system has the ncr scsi chip on board
        the PCI based (non-pentium) motherboard.

        He's able to boot the ncr boot disk fine, his problems
        occur when trying to get the color144 root disk to
        come up. He's mired with the following message:

        "Floppy-Reset Called"

        which hangs the root disk boot.

        Anyone else seen a similar hang? I've haven't been there myself
        so I can't give any more clues. I'll see if there might be some
        kernel parameters that might need to be passed.



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