Linux loading error - dynamic linker?

Linux loading error - dynamic linker?

Post by Matt Bom » Wed, 04 Jan 1995 21:06:23

Bear with me, I've neber installed Linux before. :)

I installed slackwqare, went through the setup script and makde my LILO
header file then tried to boot off my hard drive.

It went through all the specs then got down to a dynamic linker error
came to a dead halt. Did I forget to do something?

Help! :)




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I have file1.c that defines function fn. I also have file2.c that _declares_
function fn (with the same signature).

I use file1.c to make an exectuable file1 :

gcc -rdynamic -c file1.c
gcc -rdynamic --export-dynamic -o file1 file1.o -ldl )

And I use file2.c to make a shared library ./ :

gcc -rdynamic -c file2.c
gcc -shared -rdynamic --export-dynamic -o file2.o

file1 dynamically loads at run-time. This loading fails at
run-time if and only if file2 _uses_ the aforementioned function fn :

./ undefined symbol: fn

I'm a very puzzled by this, since ld manual says, in part:

    When  creating a dynamically linked executable, add all symbols
    to the dynamic symbol table.  The dynamic symbol table is the
    set of symbols which are visible from dynamic objects at run time."

Is this option being ignored? (I use some compiler and linker options
redundantly just in case)

My system is Debian 3.0; dl library is part of libc6 2.2.5;
I got the same results with GCC 3.2.2 and GCC 2.95.4

Thank you

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