GW2k Aztech Sound card -- HOW?

GW2k Aztech Sound card -- HOW?

Post by Gisli Ottarss » Sun, 10 Apr 1994 02:53:36


I just received a soundcard from Gateway and have
it running with {\whisper MS Windows} in my PCI
486-66.  The CD-ROM is a Mitsumi.

How do I configure the kernel?  The card supposedly
has SoundBlaser emulation, but is this SoundBlaster
Pro or SoundBlaster 16?

What is a CODEC?  I don't know enough about this
subject to intelligently answer the 'make config'
questions.  Here is what info I have about my  setup


The MIDI/SB IRQ is 5 and the DMA for SB is on channel 1

I have made one kernel (sorry don't have the values I used, they were
pretty arbitrary anyway).  The reboot reported finding SoundBlaster
2.1 and a Yamaha FM.  I then used the script at the end of
README.linux to make the /dev stuff.  

Here is where things started going wrong.  When I tried to
cat endoftheworld > /dev/dsp I got a message, no room left
on device.  What does that mean.  Diskspace is not a problem.

My CD-ROM which worked fine before playing with the sound doesn't
work anymore.

Any help would be appreciated.



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system, I can only get out by hard rebooting. The /dev/sndstat file entries
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boot detection.

I have tried using the same I/O IRQ and DMA's as DOS using "modprobe sb"
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system configs.


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