Need Ethernet Card Jumper/Setup Info

Need Ethernet Card Jumper/Setup Info

Post by Lou Sortm » Sat, 07 May 1994 02:56:24

I have been given a few ethernet cards which I would like to put into
service.  The problem is that I don't have the documentation for them.
The cards are:

SMC 3008

I need to know how these need to jumpered for various configurations, and I
also need any setup disks/programs for them.

I tried using (Linux 1.0.8, slackware 1.2.0) wdsetup on the WD8003EB with W1
jumpered (INIT 280) and it returns an error 388.  If I try without W1 jumpered,
wdsetup hangs the machine.  I tried that card because it has only 1 jumper (W1)
which is labeled ambiguously.

If there is a FAQ or ftp site somewhere with the nitty gritty details and
pointers to config programs, by all means, please point me at 'em.


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1. Need info/help: AHA1522 jumpers

Having trouble getting the following setup to work. I'm hoping it's a mucked
up jumper, otherwise I'm clueless. A jumper summary would be most appreciated,
even if that *isn't* my problem :)

Old stuff (been working fine, mostly):

Dell XPS-90 Combo-bus
Linux 1.2.13 + vortex.c
3Com 3c590 PCI Ethernet card
16M EDO memory
1.2G IDE drive
4x IDE ATAPI cdrom
#9 GXE Pro 64
VT320 hanging off COM1
Generic 14.4 external off COM2

The new stuff, of which *something* is mucked up:

Adaptec 1522 ISA SCSI board - ID 7, IRQ 11, port 340 (no conflicts)
External-cased Quantum Fireball 1280 series (~1G) - ID 0 (seems to be req.
  by the 1522 to be at 0 or perhaps 1). On-board BIOS enabled.


Kernel boots, finds the card with no problems. Attempts to scan the devices,
times out on each one - including the drive. On a whim, tried a FreeBSD 2.2
snapshot. It finds the drive, IDs it ok, and proceeds to time out attempting
to do anything to it. Note that this behavior is consistant over: External
termination, on-board drive termination, or *no* termination.

Reason I suspect a jumper: I've reset, reset, checked, prodded, poked,
swapped, and otherwise adjusted everything else I can find to adjust.
And there are a lot of jumpers with nifty functions that I'm not able
to decipher without some documentation (picked the drive up from a friend
who didn't need it anymore, but the docs had gone the way of the great
mulch pile in the back).

Reason I don't just go to Adaptec's docs: I did, it isn't there. The 1540
jumpers are, the 1522 Q&A is, but not the 1522 jumpers. *sigh* I've emailed
them, but I figured I'd waste a couple thousand valuble dollars of the
precious computer time we all pay for, and see if anyone out here was faster
(or even, heaven forbid, could tell me I was a twit and it isn't a jumper
at all, but some blatantly obvious thing that I'm not seeing).

Thanks for your time,

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