Help with SIIG, Inc. SCSI-PRO SCSI Controller

Help with SIIG, Inc. SCSI-PRO SCSI Controller

Post by Brent Glin » Sat, 28 Jan 1995 03:28:20

I recently installed the Infomagic 3 CD version of the Slackware
distribution.  My hardware configuration is as follows:

Gateway 2000 486DX/33
IDE bus
IDE hard disk
Soundblaster audio card
CD-ROM connected to Soundblaster interface
SCSI controller card connected to SCSI hard disk

I am using the 1.1.59 version of the kernel with SCSI and
soundblaster CD support included.

I can mount the cdrom ok, but when the system boots up, the
SCSI drive is not dectected.  (it doesn't appear to even
look for it - at least no diagnostic messages appear telling
me that no SCSI devices can be found).

I checked the SCSI-HOWTO, but this specific controller was not
mentioned.  Does any one have any experience with it?  Is it
compatible with one of the controllers listed in the HOWTO.  Do
I need a different version of the kernel?  Do I need to specify
some parameters on the LILO command line?

The controller has worked ok on dos/MSwindows using the drivers
supplied from the manufacturer.  I'd rather not have to replace the
controller unless I have to.  I guess I could just keep dos stuff on
my scsi drive, but I would eventually like to get other scsi devices,
such as a tape drive, which would be very useful with Linux also.

Any help will be greatly appreciated - Thanks in advance!

Brent Glines