.Xconfig for 14" CTX (1024x768 0.28)/Cirrus Logic SVGA

.Xconfig for 14" CTX (1024x768 0.28)/Cirrus Logic SVGA

Post by fuming s » Sat, 30 Apr 1994 11:18:44


Does anyone have the Xconfig for Cirrus Logic (CL-GD5422 Controller) video card
and 14" CTX (1024x768) monitor? I used to use 800x600 mode for this, now I wannause 1024x768, I tries many times, but all failed.

Thanx in advance.

F. Sun


1. Xconfig file needed (Cirrus Logic video card, CTX display).

   Can anyone help me to configure the Xconfig file?  
I have tried, but can not know how to set the Xconfig file.
(for example, I don't know the chipset and the clock rate.)
My video card is Cirrus Logic.  Has anyone used this
video card before?  


-- jk
   Wish I don't need to return the PC, again!!

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