Linux: Kermit, mouse with X-Window

Linux: Kermit, mouse with X-Window

Post by Puqi Perry Ta » Thu, 29 Dec 1994 13:28:29

I am installing Linux on my Gateway2000 P5-90 PC these days. I met two

(1) I cannot find Kermit in my Linux system. And I do not remember I skipped
    it any time when I installed the system.

(2) X-Window is displayed. But the mouse does not interact with the window.

Do anybody met the similar problems before? How should I solve it?

Puqi Tang


1. text mouse ok........x-window mouse dead

  f-bsd  ver 2.7.7 w/ xfree86

  microsoft 2 button serial mouse on /dev/cuaa1

   moused -tmicrosoft -p/dev/cuaa1 -S1200
   vidcontrol -m on

 results in an operation mouse.

when i go into xinit or run x windows...the mouse
 is either frozen or goes to the top  line of the crt and mostly
 stays there....with exteme cursor jumpiness.

 pls respond by e-mail

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