Help: X virgin

Help: X virgin

Post by dms0 » Sat, 21 Jan 1995 04:35:08

        I'm new to Linux (if you couldn't tell) and haven't been able to forge
forward with X-Windows yet.  I have a HANA monitor, model VM1492H, and the
manual doesn't give the bandwidth.  It also does not give an address or phone
number for the company (should have been my first clue).  If you could provide
either of these pieces of info, I would greatly appreciate it.  (Or if you
could direct me to another location to post this request!)

Thank you,

Kay Fleetwood...


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I am trying to connect to using SuSe 5.3 and KDE, I have
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I have got as far as giving the password to virgin's computer, what should
be next, am I right in using a script for login in.  I have telephone support, but they do not provide support for Linux users!

Thanks, Martin



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