boot: ramdisk error

boot: ramdisk error

Post by Lon Farenwal » Tue, 04 Oct 1994 23:11:35

I have a little problem installing Linux these days.  A while ago I had
Linux installed (.99pl12) and deleted it because of space mainly. I just
picked up a CD with Slackware on it ready to try it again.  Well, I've
tried two boot images: mitsumi and sbpcd.  Both boot fine but when it
gets to loading up the ramdisk it does this:

Loading ramdisk...
Error 0x08
Loading ramdisk..
Error 0x08

ad infinitum.  Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

BTW, I'm running a 486dx33 with 8 megs of ram and I'm using a Mitsumi
single-speed CDROM connected to my SoundBlaster Pro.

Thanks, replies preferred in email (because it's faster) but if you can't
email me, PLEASE post your reply here.  I need an answer.


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1. : SLS 1.03 won't boot: Error on Ramdisk at sector 1200

As an experiment, I am trying to install Linux at work to how well X will
work with a ATI GRAPHICS ULTRA+. The system is a 486/33 with 8Meg RAM. The
distibution is SLS 1.03 and I am using the a1.3 image from

The system will boot up fine from the SLS boot disk, but consistently gives
an error at the last boot step: loading the RAMDISK with the files from the
floppy. When it hits block 1200, it complains about a problem with the
RAMDISK and asks for a root disk to be inserted. Inserting any Linux yields
hung system.

The strange thing is that it happens on this system and another similar
systems (a 486DX266). The motherboards are both VLB/ISA. Run the same boot
disk from a 386SX25 and it boots fine. For the moment, I am led to believe
the systems don't like Linux.

Has anyone had a similar experience and has discovered some possible




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