ncftp+term and probs with getting files

ncftp+term and probs with getting files

Post by Lee Ham » Sat, 10 Dec 1994 17:51:38

I'm using term 2.2.9 and kernel 1.1.72.  i can connect to sites just fine
with ncftp 1.8.6 but when I try to get a file, it syas it gets 100%, the ETA
field is --:--, and the file was created yet it is 0 bytes.  mget * doesn't
do anything.

does anyone have any ideas what the problem may be?  every once in a while i
get C_GETHOSTBYNAME: host name lookup failure -1.  I used to get this before
I installed the TCP/IP package and ran startnet or something like that.  is
there something in the kernel that needs to be turned on that I may have


1. term version of ncftp available ?

  Can someone point me to an ftp site with term versino of ncftp source ?
I am using FreeBSD-, but since  most of the term development has
been Linux-tied, Iguess some of you Linux fans won't mind telling me where
to find it. How about term versino of ftp and telnet SOURCE ?

  Thanks in advance, nd email replies [please.

   - Just an enthusiastic and curious learner of computing technology.

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