help i'm a newbie

help i'm a newbie

Post by hello yo » Wed, 29 Nov 2000 05:00:05

i just downloaded armed linux a linux that can be run on a windows drive. i
runing afterstep as my window manger bash as my shell
i want a graphical file manger and i need to now how to use linux i only
know basics.

1. Need help - Newbie-est of the Newbie's

Starting this learning experience literally from scratch.Will learn about
Unix and FreeBSD with all the documentation offered, but need to some
assistance initially before I can even get to that point.

The intended box that I plan on installing FreeBSD on is completely stripped
to the bone: Pentium 1, 2 gig HD, CD-ROM and Floppy, network card. HD is not
even formatted.

Here are the questions:

    - Does the HD need to be formatted? If so, in what format (FAT)?
    - What needs to be done with the other peripherals before installation
(I know I can't install it if there is no accessory configured to do so)?
    - Can the Free-BSD files be downloaded from a Windows box, then
installed onto the new box?
        If so, can it be done with the floppy drive (I know they fit on a
floppy perfectly in bin, but can they be transfered in such a way)?
        If not, what would you recommend for installation?
    - Lastly, once installed, where is the source code located once FreeBSD
is installed (is it in a certain directory, one big file or multiple), or
does it need to be downloaded separately? Is a development kit required for
access to manage/change?

From reading the "Newbie" Scetion on the web page, this newsgroup seems to
be where these kind of questions can be answered well. All assistance is
greatly appreciated. In advance, thanks for all the help.


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