X blanking HELP

X blanking HELP

Post by Peter Chody » Fri, 30 Sep 1994 14:43:34

I have recently installed linux and XFree on my machine. Linux seems to function correctly
as too does X. However when I leave X running for a while, the blanking screen saver
blanks the screen to a colour white rather than (prefered) black.

Any suggestions on what might I be doing wrong will be greatly appreciated.



1. vi blanks out, long listing blanks screen

On the console of a sparc5 solaris 2.3, (and on many terminal sessions),  
when using vi, the first screenful of information appears and then  
scrolling down makes lines disappear, except for the line the cursor is  
on and the last line on the creen.  Scrolling up only reveals the first  
lines that appeared on the first screenful.
Similarly, when listing a man page, ls, cat, whatever, any amount of  
lines that scrolls past the screen "jumps" to a new blank screen, rather  
than scrolling down a line at a time? Is this a know bug, and is there a  
way to fix it?



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