How do I make an Ygdrasil boot floppy?

How do I make an Ygdrasil boot floppy?

Post by Rory To » Sat, 18 Feb 1995 13:13:46

How do I make an Yggdrasil install floppy? I am unable to use the
supplied floppy, as I had to make a new kernel (1.1.68) in order to
have AHA-2940 support. It boots fine and recognizes my SCSI drive and
cdrom, but I need to somehow tell it to mount root from cd. How would
one do so? My first crack at installing lilo on the floppy didn't
go so well... I guess I installed LI, and not LILO.


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Assume I have a laptop computer without a floppy
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I want to create a custom boot cdrom.  This
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to create the (lilo)  boot section for the cd.

Is there software, or a procedure, available
that will allow this without the actual floppy

Thanks in Advance,


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