Drive I/o Error Kernel Panic

Drive I/o Error Kernel Panic

Post by Sridhar Kode » Fri, 17 Mar 1995 00:49:10

        My IDE drive quit few days back.  Its under warranty so i got
a replacement. Thanks Marvin !  

        Now for the problem,  I was trying to recover the data from it
if possible.  When i tried to mount it i get Drive IO error and
kernel panic and system hangs. The process table shows the process as
"D".  I can't even kill it to regain the virtual console.  I have to do
a cold reset. (Yikes !!)

        Is there anyyyyy way to get that guy to mount and mv the files
to my new linux file system?

thank you for your help,
sridhar kodela


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Hi everyone,

I've just build my new linux kernel. But it didn't start completely.
When it it tries to mount the root file system, an error occured:

"Kernel panic: VFS : unable to mount root fs on 03:42 "

Does anyone have an idea? I've compiled my new kernel to use the ext2
file system, like my root file system has.

Thank for any help

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