Error booting kernel 1.1.94: invalid compressed format

Error booting kernel 1.1.94: invalid compressed format

Post by Sergei Viznyu » Tue, 28 Feb 1995 02:36:01

I went from 1.1.81 to 1.1.94.
I compiled 1.1.94 with gcc i2.6.3 from sunsite
without errors but with several warnings.
Then I also installed new lilo.16.
Now I cannot boot 1.1.94.
Lilo gives an error

invalid compressed format

System halted.

Well, the kernel image is compressed, I guess.
It has 334kB size vs 304kB for 1.1.81.

What's the problem with 1.1.94?


P.S. I had to return to 1.1.81 which boots fine.
It was compiled with gcc 2.5.8 though..


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I've upgraded my Linux kernel to 1.1.94, and while trying to load the ftape
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Error: module's `kernel_version' doesn't match the current kernel.
       Check the module is correct for the current kernel, then
       recompile the module with the correct `kernel_version'.

Where can I get the source for the current version of ftape? Or if I need
to, how do I get the latest version and modify it so that it will work with
Linux 1.1.94?


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