ScanMan256 w/ 1.1.12 possible?

ScanMan256 w/ 1.1.12 possible?

Post by Karl Eichwald » Wed, 25 May 1994 23:43:10

Is anybody out there who has sucessfully installed the new logiscan driver for
the ScanMan 256 unter 1.1.12?

I have installed the modutils -- are there other modifications neccessary?

Which scanner software is available (OCR and grafic)?


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Machine Spec: Celeron Processor 400MHZ
Operating System: Linux Mandrake 7.0 Complete

I am using the "INSTALL" docs that came with ApacheJServ 1.1.12 and
trying to
build Apache with ApacheJServ support in it from the source files.

The doc has said to

./configure \
make install

Problem is I cannot find the file libjserv.a or mod_jserv.c in the
Apache 1.3.12 directory or any of its subdirectories.

The C files are in ApacheJServ 1.1.12 including mod_jserv.c but there is
libjserv.a only the file libjserv.module. Are these files equivalent???

Can someone please tell me what to do to configure Apache to work with
Apachejserv support please.



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