help with stream pipes needed

help with stream pipes needed

Post by Johannes Re » Fri, 01 Jul 1994 16:30:39


as the subject line says, i need help with stream pipes under linux.
in the include files (libc4.21) there is no definition of the
struct msghdr structure. as linux seems to follow the bsd ipc syntax,
i do not know where to find the definition of this structure. can anybody
tell my the definition?

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1. Need help with a STREAMS named pipe.

The following modele is failing in me and I badly need help
understanding why and how to fix it.

I'm running on

259 > uname -a
OSF1 dec1 V4.0 1229 alpha

and I have FFM_FS turned on via sysconfig -s.

The failure is happening on the call to fattach. The spipe call is a
simple pipe call under SVR4 and is not failing.

The name being passed in is a fully qualified pathname and the file
gets successfully created.

The failure yields an errno of EINVAL which according to the man page

  [EINVAL]  The fd parameter refers to a socket.

            [Digital]  The superblock for the file system had an incorrect
            magic number or an out of range block size.

            [Digital]  The pathname is incorrect.

Well, fd is not a socket. There is no filesystem and no superblock,
and the pathname seems to be fine. I am *not* running as root.

Could someone *please* tell me what's happening here? If possible,
does someone have an ns_pipe they could send or know where one is?

Many thanks in adbvance.

 * Create a named stream pipe.

#include        <sys/types.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <errno.h>

/* return 0 if OK, -1 on error */
int ns_pipe ( char *name,/* user-specified name to assign to the stream pipe */
             int fd[2]   /* two file descriptors returned through here */
    unlink ( name );

    close ( creat ( name, 0666 ) );

     * First create an unnamed stream pipe.

    if ( s_pipe(fd) <  0)
        perror ( "spipe" );

    if ( fattach ( fd[1], name ) < 0 )
        perror ( "fatttach" );
        printf ( "Errno = %d\n", errno );
        close ( fd[0] );
        close ( fd[1] );
        return -1;
    close ( fd[1] );
    return fd[0];


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