Genius GE3000II pocket LAN

Genius GE3000II pocket LAN

Post by Hong Siang Te » Mon, 06 Mar 1995 02:52:41

        Have anyone used the above on Linux ? The ad says :
        - allows EPP mode
        - allows printing and networking together ( because it has
          a printer pass-through port )
        - dual connector ( BNC and TP )
        - can be powered from PS/2 port

        At 75UKP, I think it's a good buy, but can anyone tell me
whether it's D-Link compatible, or whether Linux support it at all



1. help - Genius E3000 pocket Lan adapter

I am running Linux Mandrake 6.0 on a Pico Direct AMD300 64 Mb laptop, i
have a Genius E3000 pocket lan adapter and i would like to get it
working. It runs via the parallel port. I have looked for drivers to
configure it, but i have been unsuccessful up to now.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to configure my system for this?



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