HELP: Mouse dies sometimes when switch virt scrn to/from X

HELP: Mouse dies sometimes when switch virt scrn to/from X

Post by Paul_A Gauthi » Sat, 19 Nov 1994 03:12:24

I have a bizarre problem. I have a very recently installed Slackware
(like 1.5 months) system. I upgraded from a 1.5 year old SLS system,
where I never had this problem.

The problem is this: I run X on virtual screen F8. I do most of my
work on text virtual screens F1-F7. So I switch back and forth from
X to these other screens a lot.

Fairly regularly, but not every time, when I switch back to X the
mouse gets retarded. It will only move down and left in little
stutter-steps and the buttons don't work.

Usually I can fix this by switch back and forth to a text screen a
few times. Not always, sometimes the entire system seems to hang
when I'm on the X screen. I have to reboot.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Paul Gauthier

"Ready to climb?" ... "Does it *&^$ing look like I'm ready to climb?!"


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