UUCP on SLS 1.03 = ARRGH

UUCP on SLS 1.03 = ARRGH

Post by John A. Gre » Fri, 08 Oct 1993 03:18:46

Is there something goofy about the way Taylor UUCP is set up in SLS 1.03,
or is it just me?

I'm having some difficulties with uucp/uucico that I've never seen before.

I've got an old SCO Xenix system that I've been running for a few years,
with no problem connecting it to other Unix systems via uucp.

Now I'm trying to connect the Xenix box to a Linux box (SLS 1.03) over a
serial line.

I've got them to the point where I can cu from one to the other; that was
straightforward as usual.  But I'm not getting very far with getting uucp
to work.

Here is a sample chat script from my Xenix box (mikejag), trying to call
the Linux box (michele):

expect: (ogin:)
^M^J^M^M^JSoftlanding Software (604) 360-0188,  gentle touch downs from DOS bailouts.^M^JWelcome to Linux SLS 1.03. Type "menu" for a menu driven interface^M^J^M^Jmichele cua0 login:got it
sendthem (mikejag^M)
expect: (word:)
 mikejag^M^JPassword:got it
sendthem (emptY2^M)
ISTRIP cleared

omsg "Smikejag -Q0 -x9"
imsg >g^M^M^JSoftlanding Software (604) 360-0188,  gentle touch downs from DOS bailouts.^M^JWelcome to Linux SLS 1.03. Type "menu" for a menu driven interface^M^J^M^Jmichele cua0 login: LOGIN FAILED - failed
exit code 101
Conversation Complete: Status FAILED

As you can see, michele tells mike who she is, and just after mike announces
who HE is, michele fires a login back at him.  Weird, no?

According to all the manuals and books I read about uucico, after mikejag
sends the "Smikejag -Q0 -x9" , michelle is supposed to send back a status
message, like:  ROK (okay status) , or RLOGIN (wrong login name) or
RYou are unknown to me.  Clearly, uucico on michelle is * before it
sends that message back.

I've been fighting with this all day, reading all my manuals, reading the
Taylor documentation, the UUCP-HOWTO (I even got rid of my blank lines in my
Permissions file), my handy-dandy O'Reilly UUCP handbook, and I've been
making various offerings to the unhappy gods of communications devices.  All
to no avail.

I've gone through all the files and required file permissions (permissions
on files like Systems, Permissions, etc) as suggested by the O'Reilly book.
I'm stumped.

Help?    Please email me; I'm sure I'm just missing something silly in my
setup.  If there's any interest, I will post the solution.
John A Green                           PROGRESS programmer at large  


1. UUCP on SLS 1.03

[I think this is a Linux rather than a UUCP question. :-)]

I have been "playing" the UUCP capability of LInux SLS 1.03 for the
past few days (and nights. :-)) I used /dev/modem which is softlinked
to /dev/cua1 (COM 2) with uugetty -r set for /dev/modem in
/etc/inittab.  Also I used Any in the relevent entries in the
/usr/lib/uucp/Systems file (just to test things out).

Here are several observations:

1) When SLS 1.03 is first installed, the system talks to the modem
   (but no dialing out) frequently and then after a while (like an hour
   or more), it leaves the modem alone.
2) Having done the necessary modifications to Devices, Dialers, and
   Systems in the /usr/lib/uucp directory and the paths and config
   files in the smail directory (don't remember the exact path
   anymore), I could test my UUCP link using the command:
       /usr/lib/uucico [-f] -x2 -s<hostname>
   Without the -x2 (or higher e.g. x3, x4) flag, Linux would not
   initiate a call otherwise uucico dials out with and without the -f
   or the -r flags set.
3) I use crontab to schedule dialouts with the -f and -x2 flag on (I
   want to make sure that the system dials out).  Everything works
   fine for a day or so and then
       /usr/lib/uucico -f -r1 -x2 -s<hostname>
   would do nothing except create the LCK..* and TMP...... files
   in /usr/spool/uucp.  The audit.local and other logs in the
   /usr/spool/uucp don't seem to get updated when this happens (i.e.,
   when uucico doesn't initiate a dialout).  Usually the logs will say
   something or explain why the dialout didn't occur and a couple of
   modem lights will flicker for a few seconds but in this case nothing.

a) How tightly "hardcoded" is the uucp neighbor "quick" to SLS 1.03?
b) How fast does the C.* and D.* files get created in the
   /usr/spool/uucp/hostname directory?  I notice that sometimes those
   files (email addressed to hostname) get created as soon as I "send"
   them out of the mail program (Emacs rmail mode) but then there are times
   I notice that the files don't get created that quickly.
c) I haven't left my system alone long enough (e.g. for > 24 hours)
   to see if the UUCP link will "wake" up again.  Is the uucico's behavior
   described in 3 above expected?


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