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> : While on the subject of NEC CD-ROMs, I have a NEC 2vi CD-ROM which I
> : would like to be able to access from Linux but I don't know quite how
> to
> [...]
> Ben, I have an NEC 60-MHz Pentium with the 2vi CD-ROM installed.  I have
> been unsuccessfully attempting to run Yggdrasil's Fall 94 Plug & Play.

> Heres what I know

> + Linux fails when attempting to access the CD-ROM drive.
>   The error messages reference "nec260", which I assume
> refers to NEC's CDR-260, an IDE CD-ROM referenced in
> Yggdrasil's Linux Bible.

> + My NEC 2vi (also an IDE CD-ROM drive) has the model number
>   CDR-250.  I had to open my computer up to get this number!
> I had hoped that the CDR-260 and CDR-250 would use the same
> driver, and that I could download a newer, more stable version
> version from somewhere.

> + In the meantime, I successfully booted the same Yggdrasil CD-ROM
>   on a machine at work; a 386 with an external NEC 4X SCSI CD-ROM
> drive.  The model number of this drive is CDR-601.  There were
> a few error messages related to the SCSI card, and also some
> messages referencing "nec260".

(sorry about any shoddy quoting, I think I got all of it though)

I too have a 2vi and have been killing myself trying to get it working with
the Walnut creek linux toolkit cdrom.  (booting from dos to linux and
copying and booting .... just sucks!)
I have gotten several replies from people who have their cdroms working,
but the cd is *supported* by linux (ie:sony, panasonic etc).  I am
supprised that there are not more people out there with unsupported cdroms
with linux.


> on one system and a SCSI drive on another.  I am on the phone to NEC now;
> they are unfortunately slow with technical support.

They are also (I feel) not too good at it :)


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When I type the command:

mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdc /cdrom
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