: Emacs-19.19 can't find term file

: Emacs-19.19 can't find term file

Post by Steven M. Gal » Sat, 15 Jan 1994 01:01:53

I am getting the following error if my terminal type is set to a vt100 when
I start emacs:
        Can't open load file term/lk201
Emacs works (as far as I can tell).  If I told it to open a file on startup
it doesn't open it but I can still open it from inside of emacs.  This
problem oges awa if I set the terminal type to vt220 or console.  Any Ideas
why this is happening?


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[This message never made it out of NYU, so here goes again.]

Hi.  I finally figured out how to get term to work, and the only
problem I have is that whenever I start emacs-19.19 as an X
client it dies after about 10 keystrokes and the message "Hangup"
appears in the trsh.  Txconn is still running, and I can start
more X clients with no problem.  Any ideas?



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