Beginner Linux help -- X and kernel Qs

Beginner Linux help -- X and kernel Qs

Post by Reinhard Gimb » Tue, 08 Nov 1994 05:47:40


   Kernel: 1.1.18 -- when I compiled it, I added support for every mouse
                                     that 'make config' offered me...

For XFree86 there is no need to compile the kernel with mouse support.
XFree86 handles the mouse as an ordinary serial device.


   1) I tried to run XFree86 2.something.  I got the Mach 64 driver, and
      it seemed to work fine, but when I start X, the mouse won't work.
      I turned off that 'selection' thing (I just killed the process)
      that I had heard caused problems with X.

How does the X server state about mouse and the like ?
Does your 'Xconfig' file contain lines like

microsoft /dev/mouse
  baudrate 1200

Please check your config file and the output of the X server.
(Switch back to virtual console #1 [Ctrl-Alt-F1] for the server

      I've tried mounting /dev/ttyS0 and it says that there isn't any
      /dev/ttyS0 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab.  How do I get Linux to
      find my mouse?

Mounting is use to build larger virtual filesystems from small pieces
of real filesystems. Your attempt to 'mount' your mouse is a little
senseless :-)

   2) In trying X, since I didn't have a mouse, I was kind of stuck...
      Some Alt+CNT+Fkey sequence got me out, and I tried to run it again,
      and I got messages that I was out of memory...

So X was still running ...

      How?  Okay, I know that my old X server and xterms were still lying
      around, but I mean, I have 16MB of RAM and (supposedly) 16MB of
      swap!  I wouldn't have thought I'd be THAT limited with 32 MB of
      memory to play with...

      In my Xconfig, I tried adding the line to specify my mouse as:

Assuming the mouse connected to '/dev/ttyS0' the example above
should look like

microsoft /dev/ttyS0
  baudrate 1200


cu, Reinhard.
Reinhard Gimbel / Am Flurgraben 7 / 65428 Ruesselsheim-Bauschheim



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