Thinkpad 510Cs ,Xconfig!!!!!!!

Thinkpad 510Cs ,Xconfig!!!!!!!

Post by ----UNKNOWN-- » Sun, 16 Oct 1994 15:55:45

Hello all can some body be nice and Email me the Xconfig for the IBM
thinkpad 510Cs , I'm using the xwindows that came with slack 2.0.
thanks for any help.

1. PCMCIA and X11R6 problems on a ThinkPad 510cs

(My apologies to the comp.os.linux.X group for the non-X question at the
end of the file..)

Hello all -

   I've just switched over to Linux and while the base system runs fine,
I'm having a couple of problems.  Here is my system:

Thinkpad 510cs
4 MB memory (although this will be upgraded to 8 MB shortly)
Linux 1.2.8
GCC 2.6.3
Setup with Slackware disks A, AP, and D (plus tinyX and PCMCIA-CS-2.6.1)
David Hind's PCMCIA-CS-2.6.1 driver, using /dev/cua1
Compaq PCMCIA 14.4k data/fax modem
Trying to run tinyX with the SVGA server

Information from IBM Helpdesk on video display:
Chipset: Western Digital WD90C24A/LV
Video memory: 1024k
Internal LCD:  640x480 VGA 256 colors
External Port:  1024x768
External Port Vertical Bandwidth Freq: 31.49
External Port Horizontal Bandwidth Freq: 70 Hz (56 Hz extended)

They had no more information on the internal LCD.

Now my problems:

1) X11R6

Does anyone have an Xconfig file which works with the TP 510cs?  I'm
having trouble getting the video modes setup.  The WD90C24 chip is not
recognized by X11.  I downloaded and read the "Linux on Thinkpads" file,
but it seems to mainly be for the 750 series.  I tried the chipset
mentioned in that file (WD90C30) as well as WD90C00 and in both cases X
-probeonly returned two Clock lines (one with 8 numbers, one with 1), but
was told "Fatal server error - there is no mode definition named
'640x480'" [Do I need to use VGA16 instead of the SVGA server?]

Since the HOWTO says you can damage your video screen by monkeying with
this config, I'm wary of playing with it too much.  I can send my Xconfig
file if it would be helpful.

2) PCMCIA modem does not respond

I installed David Hind's driver and it seems to work fine
(/usr/adm/messages does not show any errors).  When the modem card is
inserted, I get two high beeps indicating it is recognized.  /dev/modem
is a symbolic link to /dev/cua1 and best I can tell is
okay (IBM confirms the PCMCIA modem should be put in COM2 with the
standard IRQ setting).  Trouble is, when I run minicom the system starts
up fine and sends the init string, but the modem doesn't respond.  Typing
AT (which should return "OK") has no result.  I have minicom configured
so that it is accessing /dev/modem, but I've tried going to /dev/cua1
directly with the same result.  I currently don't have anything in the
callout/callin slots - could that be the problem?  Does anyone have any

I'm also going to try to figure out someway to get Linux to read my
MicroSolutions Backpack CD-ROM (which accesses trhough the parallel
port) if anyone has any suggestions for that...

Many thanks,

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