mouse not recognized, case solved

mouse not recognized, case solved

Post by Generator Desi » Fri, 08 Apr 1994 15:44:12

mouse not recognized, not no more <insert howl of delight here>

over the past 2 weeks i've been struggling with getting my mouse
recognized by my new Linux system.  for anyone with the same problem,
read on.

my configuration is quite generic.

   486/50 VESA, 8mb, IDE 340mb, A: 1.44, B: none, 3ser(incl int modem),
   1par, ATI GUltra 2mb, Viewsonic 7 (17")
   Microsoft busmouse connected to ATI mouse port
      (works fine in dos/win with MS mouse driver v9.0)
      (ATI's install program sez the mouse is set for 23Ch IRQ 2)

the problem:

   running test-mouse or Xwindows would fail to recognize
   the mouse with the message:

      ms_init: /dev/mouse: invalid argument or...
      ms_init: /dev/mouse: no such device

   the solution was not so obvious.  Linux provides a mouse driver for
   something called the ATI-XL busmouse (bmouseatixl).  it seems that
   this is not the same as the busmouse port on the ATI Grafix Ultra.

the solution:

   first, i tried changing the IRQ setting for the mouse.  the factory
   default is 2 (i think), the Linux kernel, by default (i think) is
   set to 5.  that done, nothing happened.  same problems.

   next, after d/ling the 1.00 kernel source and compiling it with the
   ATIXL support _ONLY_ (not knowing that you _CAN_ specify support
   for more than one mouse type), no go.

   finally, specifying all possible busmouse types and recompiling the
   kernel again provided the answer.  upon boot, the kernel identified
   a Logitech busmouse port.

   so, the m*of the story is... don't eat yellow snow??  no, no,
   don't assume that ATI means ATI.  if you are having problems with
   yer rodent, try everything.  i can't see a problem loading support
   for all mice when compiling the kernel, and once you have your
   problem solved, you can always recompile the kernel with only the
   one type of mouse you need.

muchos apreciados to:
   - Johan Myrien for pointing me in the right direction
   - assorted others for their help



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