Shutdown Problem - System Won't Reboot

Shutdown Problem - System Won't Reboot

Post by John Bak » Mon, 06 Dec 1993 02:00:00

Please tell me how you got Linux to work with your Future Domain SCSI
controller, I would like to use Linux but I cannot get it to work with
my Future Domain 1680 SCSI controller.



1. Shutdown problem - system won't reboot

        I've just installed Linux (slackware 0.99pl13) yesterday.
Right now, everything works great but shutdown. When I try to
do "shutdown -r now", the machine hangs right after executed /etc/brc.
Does anyone know why? and (most important) how can I fix it?
All I'd like to do is a remote reboot.

the following is my hardware config.:
Gateway2000 486DX33 16MB RAM
WD2120 IDE HD (Boot Manager -- 1MB
               DOS -- 119MB)
Maxtor 7345S (DOS - 150MB
              LINUX - 100MB    
              OS/2 - 80MB)
Future Domain TM-1670 SCSI controller

Any help will be appreciated.

--Henry Yeung (KB0HWV)                  Address: 1725 Elm St. S.E. #106
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