Xwindows; virtual window size; minicom

Xwindows; virtual window size; minicom

Post by Belinda Leu » Sat, 30 Apr 1994 06:33:13

I can't find solutions for these problems in the FAQ:

1) I am using a 14" Relisys monitor as X server on my Linux box.
Overall it works out well, but should I have to shutdown and
reboot, the display would come back on briefly to do the
memory check, but then die.  Then it'd usually take several
sessions of powering off/on before the reassuring "LILO" shows.
Is this indicative of my monitor getting fried with wrong clock

2) Somehow OpenLook thinks I have a 17" monitor.  As a result
things shift about when my mouse is moving too freely and I'm
getting seasick.  Can XFree 2.1 be configured for the correct
screen size?

3) Minicom works fine except when brought up within an xterm,
I can't use the arrows or any other control key to select from
the dialing menu.  Has it also been known to crash after the
window is resized?

Thanks in advance!

Belinda M. Leung
Sybase, Inc.
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Xwindows; virtual window size; minicom

Post by John Hende » Mon, 02 May 1994 17:31:25

Quote:>Minicom probably isn't crashing, just getting confused.  After all, it
>was written to run on normal terminals, where the numer of lines and
>columns don't change from moment to moment.  Don't resize console-based
>programs, in general.  They don't like it.

        This was a known problem in minicom that was fixed in 1.60. If
that's not the version being shipped in the current Slackware, it's
available on most up to date linux archives. Now if I could just get it to
ring the console bell when it connects in an X session, I'd be a happy
        Also, I question your statement about console based applications not
liking resizing. I haven't found any programs that have a problem with
resizing on the fly, though some, like nn, had to have a flag turned on to
make it respond to SIGWINCH messages. All the other applications I use daily
have no problems with window cahnge messages, though less will reset to the
first line when recieving one.

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