sendmail problems

sendmail problems

Post by j.. » Fri, 08 Oct 1993 11:08:55

I keep getting errors like
Oct  3 21:58:49 slayer sendmail[1783]: AA01783: SYSERR: collect: Cannot write dfAA01783
Oct  3 21:59:06 slayer last message repeated 4478 times

in my sendmail syslog file. As far as I can tell, it thinks it can't
find space to write a temp file, even though I have some 20M of space
left. I don't think it's trying to receive a >20M file. It looks like
this happens even for relatively short messages. Can anyone think of
what might be wrong? I am running sendmail 5.65c+IDA under Linux pl13.

Also, does anyone know all about files? I've been trying to
debug mine; I can send mail to, and, but
not to catfish.lcs, which just keeps getting deferred with a host name
lookup failure.

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sendmail problems

Post by John Kenne » Sat, 09 Oct 1993 03:54:17

-->  I keep getting errors like  ... "collect: Cannot write dfAA01783"
-->  ... running sendmail 5.65c+IDA under Linux pl13.

  Make sure your permissions are all set up correctly (file/dir and daemon).

-->  ... I can send mail to, and, but
-->  not to catfish.lcs, ...

  Sounds like a DNS problem, not a sendmail problem.

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