Need a .h file for LILO 0.12

Need a .h file for LILO 0.12

Post by r.. » Thu, 16 Sep 1993 03:20:45

        I am updating to version 0.12 of LILO.   I am running
        linux 0.99.12 that came with SLS 1.03.  While trying
        to make the new LILO the compiler can't find the
        file autoconf.h which is included, indirectly, by boot.c.

        Could someone e-mail me their copy of autoconf.h?

        Please mail to the address listed below, don't use your
        reply option.


        Roger Spaulding
        Network System Administrator
        Ramtron International Corporation
        1850 Ramtron Drive
        Colorado Springs, CO 80921

        (719) 481-7049


1. Can't install lilo 0.12 boot on my HD

I just compiled and installed the new version of lilo, 0.12.  However, when
trying to install the boot record, I get the following:

        % lilo -v -v -v
        LILO version 0.12
        Written 1992, 1993 by Werner Almesberger

        Reading boot sector from /dev/hda3
        Device 0x0300: BIOS drive 0x80, 16 heads, 683 cylinders,
                       38 sectors.  Partition offset: 0 sectors.
        Merging with /etc/lilo/boot.b
        Device 0x0303: BIOS drive 0x80, 16 heads, 683 cylinders,
                       38 sectors.  Partition offset: 209152 sectors.
        Secondary loader: 5 sectors.
        First boot sector doesn't have a valid LILO signature

hda3 is my linux partition, which is also marked as the "active" partition.
This set up has worked perfectly for months with lilo 0.11, so I'm not
sure what the problem is.  I've read through the documentation, and I
didn't see anything that has changed such that this *shouldn't* work...
Can anyone enlighten me?


Aack!  It's not just a word, but a state of mind.  --from "the Bard's Tale II"

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