Newbie needs help with Linux configuration!

Newbie needs help with Linux configuration!

Post by Robert Bark » Tue, 21 Mar 1995 04:27:37

I am a newbie at Linux and am having a problem I just cannot solve.  I
have looked in the Bible, Walsh's books, all relevant How-To's and lurked
here for some time and cannot find the answer.

I am running Linux from OS/2 boot manager on PC's at home and work.  
Identical installations from the same disks, etc, etc.  The specs are as

Work:   Compudyne P-90
        40 Mb Ram
        PCI/VLB w/ AMD bios
        WD 1Gb IDE C: drive
        Seagate 420 Mb IDE D: drive
        Diamond Stealth 64 w/ 4Mb Vram
        SB16/ASP MultiSCSI
        Plextor 4X Internal CD
        Linux on 380 Mb logical partition w/ 20 Mb swap

This configuration boots great, sees everything, gives me a cute daily
saying when I log in, and loads new software like nobody's business!

Home:   Clone P-90
        32 Mb Ram
        PCI/VLB w/ AMD Bios
        Promise 4030 VLB-2 Controller w/16 Mb ram
        Seagate 31220 1Gb IDE C: drive
        Seagate 31220 1Gb IDE D: drive
        Maxtor 540 Mb E: drive
        Maxtor 546 Mb F: drive
        Hercules Dynamite Pro
        SB16 ASP MultiSCSI w/Roland SCD-15 Midi daughterboard
        Plextor 4X CD-Rom
        Linux on 380 Mb logical partition w/ 20 Mb swap

This also boots fine.  I don't get the daily wisdom but no biggie.  BUT,
when I type 'setup' to load new things, the screen goes dark and nothing
ever comes up.  I have tried many different installations with different
boot and root disks, tried turning off the cache on the Promise card,
making it a 2 drive card - everything short of pulling it out all
together.  I have even done all the tricks from eide.txt with no effect.

I half suspect that my controller (or the caching) is the culprit here but
am not sure. If this is the case, is it the card itself that is
incompatable with Linux or just the caching function?  I do have the
option of moving to a SCSI HD setup but have a number of oncerns/questions
before moving that way.  Mainly:

- Would a conversion to SCSI solve the problems I've described?
- Are the restrictions for SCSI HD's and Linux the same as IDE and Linux?
- What is a good controller (preferably PCI with caching if possible)?

Sorry for the long question.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in



1. Linux Newbie Needs Configuration Help

yeah you could put it on e or f, whichever is more empty. I would reccomend
at least 1 gig ext2 primary and 100 mb swap if you want to do a good
featured install with all the neat stuff. Since Linux runs ideally on its
own file system (although mandrake has a beta installer that will install on
fat), you would need to repartition one of these as ext2 primary and a linux
swap file as a minimum. The install disk comes with fips or disk druid (this
come up as part of the install process) which can repartition but I find
that partition magic is more user friendly. Yes, you can have a primary fat
32 partition. I would advise you to make a windows recovery disk as well as
a linux one (you'll get a prompt for this) Install LILO on the mbr of disk
1, your boot disk. Lilo works very well. it'll wait for you to type in what
OS you want (defaults are dos and linux) and after 5 secs, it'll boot in to
linux if you don't type anything. (You can change the priority later) If you
ever want to get rid of linux and lilo, boot with your win95/98 rescue disk
and type fdisk /mbr then enter then on the next line sys c: and press enter
again. Lilo will be gone and the MBR will be reset to 95/98. As for getting
rid of the linux partitions, you can use disk druid again.

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