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Does someone know if there exists a bluewave reader for linux??

If there exists, where can I get it?


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>Does someone know if there exists a bluewave reader for linux??

>If there exists, where can I get it?

QWKNIX (soon to be V0.6) is a full featured QWKmail reader.  I'm
not sure if its up to*with BlueWav Packets, but if you can get
your hands on some tech docs for that I'll implement it into the next
release.  You can snag it at (I think theres and OLD
version there, so you may want to give me a day or two to update it. :)


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1. MultiMail v0.6a - an offline QWK/BlueWave packet reader, uses ncurses



 MultiMail is an offline mail reader, with it you can read QWK/BlueWave
packets created by BBS systems. It's still in alpha stage, but should
be pretty usable.
 You can check out the following homepage for more info and

  Revision History (what's new):
0.6a: * Oops! The signature was in the wrong place. Right order is:
        signature, tagline, tearline ;-)
      + Tagline adoption is supported! (Doesn't check dupe tags yet.)
      * QWK-reply packs contained '\n' as a line terminator.
        It's incorrect! We have to use softCR (char#227).
      + Character conversion is somewhat in! For ISO 8859-1 <--> CP437 (DOS)
        translation, #define ISOCONVERT in /interface/interface.h
      - ISO conversion doesn't do the from/to/subj yet

  LSM entry
Title:          MultiMail (source)
Version:        0.6 alpha
Entered-date:   26MAR97
Description:    BlueWave and QWK packet compatible offline reader
Keywords:       mail bluewave qwk fido offline reader

Primary-site: /pub/pc/groups/nosasoft
                103kb mmail-0.6alpha.tar.gz
Alternate-site: /pub/Linux/system/fido
Platforms:      Linux i386
Copying-policy: GPL

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