HELP--Can't login as root

HELP--Can't login as root

Post by Ujjal Bans » Wed, 08 Mar 1995 08:20:16


I know this has been posted here before. I would highly appreciate it
if someone could get me out of this mess.

Ok. Here's what I did:

        >logged in as root (as normal, no password needed because there is none)
        >tried to make password with passwd.
        >made backup of my /etc/passwd file.
        >put a # infront of gonzo and snake in /etc/passwd file.
        >went ot virtual console and tried to log in as satan (no password)
        >It asked me for a password when it shouldn't have.
        >Tried to log in as root with no luck.
        >tried to log in as another user with no luck

        >went back to first console (already logged in as root)
        >edited passwd file and deleted to passwd encryption for root.

        >went back to other console and tried to log in.
        >no luck

        >I should have done this but I logged out as root on first console.

        >I tried <CTRL> <ALT> <DEL> and it gave 'I don't know you. Go away'

        >Hit reset.

        >put in floppy boot disk (instead of botting off HD)
        >loaded up but noone can login.

        >Hit reset again, loaded DOS and windows and am now typing this HELP message.

Again, I would highly appreciate it if some kind soul could e-mail me
the way to get out of this mess. What did I do wrong to cause this to happen?

Thanks in advance



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please help me

thanks in advance

Jaguk Ku

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