Should I make a new boot disk?

Should I make a new boot disk?

Post by Ted C. Wa » Fri, 03 Jun 1994 00:27:28

Hello everyone,

I just upgraded my PC from 486SX-25MHz to 486DX-33MHz and just found out
that Linux will not boot up anymore from my boot disk(1.44Meg).
Should I make a new boot disk? How?

Any help will be appreciated.




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1. made new boot disk - how do I install from InfoMagic CDROMs?


I managed to make a disk which will boot my Pentium machine by compiling the
latest kernel on a 386SX16 and doing 'make zdisk'.

The Pentium machine is a new machine which was built from parts - it has never
has an OS on it. It only has a SCSI hard drive and a SCSI CDROM drive.
This means there are no partitions on the hard drive, and no convenient
IDE drive with DOS loaded on it :-(

The boot disk I made wants to check the root partition, but there is none,
so it panics and hangs.

What I really want to do is install Linux from the InfoMagic CDROM set.
How can I do this given my situation? Do I need to do an rdev on the kernel
and give it the cdrom drive as the root partition? How do I do that?
Will it work? (Will the kernel want to check the entire cdrom disk before

I would rather not have to go through DOS to partition the HD.

thank you for your time,

Dwayne Fontenot

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