Linux/NEC-Pentium/Network not working

Linux/NEC-Pentium/Network not working

Post by David Hawki » Fri, 16 Sep 1994 06:53:44

I can't find what I'm doing wrong here. I've got a NEC Pentium right
out of the box. When Linux (slackware 2.0, kernel 1.0.9) boots it says

eth0: 3c509 at 0x300 tag1, BNC port, address 00 20 af 39 0f 1a, IRQ 5,

Symptoms are: I can't ping or reach the net in any form.  I have a
working Linux box next to the Pentium, and I just tarr'd /etc/ to the
new machine (via disk) and shutdown the working machine and moved the
ethernet drop over. It can ping itself via loopback.

Suggestions welcome. I tried the troubleshooting chapter in the
O'Reilly book, TCPIP Network Adminstration. No luck.  Just can't get
past the ethernet card, it looks like.

later, david

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