Larger res on Diamond SPeedstar?

Larger res on Diamond SPeedstar?

Post by Robert Mob » Mon, 21 Nov 1994 19:33:55

        I must be cursed.  I finally spent the money to get a new video
card, and I but the one that's under development ;)
        Ok, I used vgaset and found a livable but highly annoying setting
for 640 by 400.  I'm in Hell.  I need 1024x768 at _least_, which is I think
the best a Diamond Speedstar Pro (1MB) can handle.
        But none of the Xconfigs I've dug up ( and I have looked ) work
at any higher res than 640, and I can't make vgaset tell me bigger values.
        I'm using an NEC MultiSync 3FGx monitor (15") and, as I said,
a Diamond Speedstar Pro card.  Can anyone lend some assistance?

Robert Mobbs


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I understand all the anger with Diamond about programming the clock on a
Speedstar 24X, however:

I have a Speedstar 24 (I understand they weren't available for too long...)
which can do the 24-bit color mode, but is a ET4000-based board.  Here's
the question:  Is this board closer to the Speedstar+ or the 24X?  

In other words, will (or does) XFree work with my card?
Adam G.

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